​american seafood

heritage, culture & cookery from sea to shining sea

American Seafood is the essential guide to more than 500 species, as well as a riveting history of one of our country’s most iconic industries. At the heart of the narrative are exhaustively researched, vividly detailed culinary and anthropological sketches that provide a master class in all of the dynamic ingredients the sea has to offer.

Hardcover, 528 full color pages.

"Barton Seaver’s American Seafood is a comprehensive and inspirational exploration of lesser known species and rekindles an awareness of the people, places, and histories of our oceans."
—ERIC RIPERT, Chef & Co-Owner of Le Bernardin

“In American Seafood, Barton beautifully navigates the complex historical relationship between our nation and the sea, while sharing his pragmatic perspective on how to best manage the resource to benefit future generations of fisherman and consumers.“

—TOM COLICCHIO, Chef/Owner Crafted Hospitality